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The Bruised Reed by Tony Larussa
The Bruised Reed (Preface)
The Bruised Reed (Introduction)
(Chapter one) Bad Press on the Track
(Chapter two) The Symphony of Destruction
(Chapter three) Superman
(Chapter four) Bewitched
(Chapter five) Let No One
(Chapter six) Are you Thriving or Surviving?
(Chapter seven) Consider Not !
(Chapter eight) Is there anybody left ?
(Chapter nine) New Creatures
(Chapter ten) The Reckoning
(Chapter eleven) Room for Nathan
(Chapter twelve) The Bruised Reed
In Him we prosper - In Him we are complete
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 Words of Hope to a Wounded Generation!

The Bruised Reed by Tony Larussa is now available

The Kingdom Crier has simple goals.

1. To clarify the message of the Kingdom that Jesus preached.

2. To affirm the people of God in their righteous identity, position and authority in Christ.

3. To expose and tear down religious icons that confuse and wound those who seek a real encounter with Christ, replacing those icons with Christ centered realities and foundational truths.

4. To impact the secular culture for the Glory of God.

Our voice is as one crying out in the wilderness to those who feel left out and disqualified. This discouragement grows when one is constantly exposed to dead religious systems that minister death rather than life. 

As hard as it is to believe, this comes to us from an outdated christian culture that has been popularly embraced with very little forethought. Consequently, traditions have ruled the day rather than the life of the Spirit, but this is changing.

The challenges of life are impossible to overcome with out a very real encounter with Him and His love. He gave us all that He is to empower us to live well,  to live with an abundance of life!

You will be challenged, enlightened, encouraged and equipped to walk towards His specific purpose for your life. We believe that God has given us specific words that minister life to this generation, skillful  Godly wisdom higher than our own. He has given us keys of revelation knowledge and uncanny insights that open the locked doors of wounded hearts bound by dead religion and legalism. These are the things that produce shame in the hearts of all people and by His Grace, He has set us free.

May our faith never rest in the wisdom of men, but only in the power of God.

Thank you for visiting,

Tony Larussa