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The Bruised Reed by Tony Larussa
The Bruised Reed (Preface)
The Bruised Reed (Introduction)
(Chapter one) Bad Press on the Track
(Chapter two) The Symphony of Destruction
(Chapter three) Superman
(Chapter four) Bewitched
(Chapter five) Let No One
(Chapter six) Are you Thriving or Surviving?
(Chapter seven) Consider Not !
(Chapter eight) Is there anybody left ?
(Chapter nine) New Creatures
(Chapter ten) The Reckoning
(Chapter eleven) Room for Nathan
(Chapter twelve) The Bruised Reed
In Him we prosper - In Him we are complete
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The body of Christ is foundationally perishing because it lacks the vision of Gods perspective. It is being destroyed for lack of revelation knowledge concerning His kingdom, His ways and heart. Likewise, the foundations of the United States of America are being destroyed. It seems as if the church, (the body of Christ) and the country are on a parallel course. Spiritually and nationally we are losing our liberties. We are a bruised people who are ignorantly and apathetically causing our own calamity. The heart and soul of our people is one of insatiable want of soul and spirit. We have become a soul sick people due to sin, apathy, ignorance and deception. By consuming dead religion from professional preachers and by believing and supporting politicians that feed us hype rather than real hope and truth, we have become jaded in all our ways and can no longer see our way clearly. The Word declares in Proverbs 13:12

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

but when the desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life.


As in biblical days gone by, and in this day, we need a generation of Joshua’s and Caleb’s. We need them politically and spiritually in this nation and the world. Joshua and Caleb wandered in the wilderness for forty years of hardship while their unbelieving stiff necked generation died, failing to enter God’s rest and promise. Eventually, the time came for them to lead the offspring of that dead generation through the trials of a wilderness experience and eventually unto the promise of God. Joshua and Caleb understood that for a people to remain free, they must never forget where they came from nor forget the sacrifices in blood made to obtain that freedom. If this happened, the mindset and hard heart condition that apposes the righteousness of God would creep back into the nation’s soul. A rebellious and unbelieving heart would eventually rise up. Freedom from oppression is always paid for in blood


 As described in the Bible, they were men who possessed “a more excellent spirit”. A spirit that believes and says; “Yes to God” at any cost! Praise God for his mercy! Today, He is raising up a new generation of them, born for these days to empower a scattered people. If you are reading this book, you my friend could be one of them! They are a generation of voices who know their covenant rights and privileges in the Kingdom of God, crying out in the marketplace, proclaiming righteousness and grace. Their role within it, is to preach and teach the message of The Kingdom as Jesus did, confronting anything contrary to its establishment and authority, to remind us once again who God really is and what He has promised, reminding us that nothing is too great for Him in us, to overcome. We need to be reminded.


As Americans and Christians, we have forgotten if we were ever really told. Because we lack the knowledge and vision of who we are as a people nationally and spiritually according to the wisdom and righteousness of God, we consequently have lost sight of who He really is. We have forgotten His faithfulness in the divine establishment of our nation. As the author and finisher of our faith, our ancestors sought a land to worship Him free from oppression. Secular humanism has been embraced in our western culture and has weakened our resolve to rely on God as the final authority concerning our condition and position as a people born of His purpose.


Rather than conform to Him, we’ve molded Him into our image. Our perspective of Him has become marred in our minds, affecting our hearts.


Spiritually, we permitted dead religious doctrines to birth novices or hirelings in the pulpit, preaching traditions mixed with legalism. Socially and politically, we empower revisionists of history and teachers of evolution who blatantly conceal the truth of our real origin. Rather than a spiritual people who know who they are FIRST as kings and priests unto God, we have become a nation of powerless patriots because we won’t honor God above all else, including country. Our founding fathers understood that God was pre-eminent in our direction and formation as a collective people of faith. Well, He was supposed to remain there! Whether we choose to agree or not, He was and always has been the foundation to the life and character of our country. Do we really trust God?


We have become sheep following men instead of God, so the moral compass of our life is malfunctioning........


Continued in The Bruised Reed


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