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(Chapter twelve) The Bruised Reed
In Him we prosper - In Him we are complete
Thought Page

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who are willing to sacrifice their liberties for security deserve neither”. I believe he was right! The spirit of God wants to fill our hearts and minds with his wisdom and fire. God does not want a mind-numbed, double minded, confused, and fearful people who act like a bunch of robots afraid to question Him with a sincerity and fiery passion to know the truth.


God declares, His ministers are as flames of fire! We are all His ministers!


The fact that there are so many denominations and sects in the church, displays the disunity of our family and the world is watching. Why would they want to come into the family or even visit when they see how we emotionally kill each other on a daily basis? When we begin to come down off our self-righteous perches and begin to identify ourselves totally with the Christ who is our life, we will be suited for His glory to touch a fallen humanity. If we will become transparent before each other and accept each other as we are, then we will begin to love one another as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us.


Isn‘t that what He did? Isn’t that what the Love of God is all about? I don’t know about you, but haven’t you come to the conclusion that God is going to do things His way, that we are going to have to yield our will to His ways if we want to experience a real sense of fulfillment in our lives.


Today’s world, is like a dope sick junkie, willing to do whatever it has to do to get its next fix, unable to see that their teeth are falling out, their face is hollowed out, and death is at their doorstep with a smile on its face.


The world is yearning and groaning for the appearance of the sons of God in the earth. It can’t stomach any more self righteous superficial talk. The world desires to see the manifested Glory of God in action.


We need to realize that the Body of Christ is suffering the same symptoms of the dope sick junkie. The church doesn’t have its vision rightly aligned with the heart of God’s purposes; therefore, it lacks the revelation concerning the covenant rights and privileges provided in Christ. The vast majority has no real confidence before God, the confidence of a secured son-ship. A spirit of doubt and double mindedness about the faithfulness of God is enslaving believers to live the life of Clark Kent, when really underneath there is a Superman. That is our new, real identity. No one respects or fears or seeks out a Clark Kent yet we relate to him very well.


He represents the condition we see in ourselves. We want to be a Superman. But, religion and tradition remind us of our Clark Kent-ness, and when we get home, look in the mirror and see the reality of our ordinary lives, we can’t help but succumb to the shame we feel. Conversely, we are powerless in ourselves to change who we want to become like. Superman lived his life from the inside out. He knew who he was, yet he chose to identify himself with us. He discovered his identity by spending years of isolation away with the spirit of his father in a cave. Jor-el, his father, was dead. But, he left a record of Kal-El’s history and lineage. He knew that he was different, and save his father, understood that no one else could tell him why.


We have to do the same thing. Our father is God. If we are unwilling or afraid to come to Him in our nakedness, then we will live out our days in mediocrity and superficial fulfillment. We may have a certain level of success in the world that is comfortable to us, but it will be fleeting. Without the living reality of a loving God who calls us son, all we try to accomplish will be vanity and futility. As Jo-rel did for his son, God has also left us a record. It’s His Word. When we hear it read to us, or read it ourselves without the reality of His power and presence in our lives, we relegate Him and His power to the ash heap of myth and history.


What is it that keeps us away from The One who is in hot pursuit of us all our days? Is it shame, fear, apathy, indifference, anger, disillusionment or just unbelief? Whatever it is, it is not so high a mountain that cannot be scaled or that God cannot abase to put us in position to receive His grace in our time of need. Ultimately, we must agree on one of two things.


Is the intrinsic nature of who we are discovered in the temporal circumstances of this earthly realm? or (2), is the intrinsic nature of who we are, found outside of this temporal stage of eternity? It must be the latter, the realm of the Spirit. That is where we came from. Is it a wonder what God declares in Isaiah 55:8 My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways says the Lord


God is so spectacular in His ways and so wondrous in His love that it can’t be received by our intellect or human reasoning. It’s only by the Spirit. By our estimation, His ways are so far above the wisdom of man as the Word describes, that His wisdom without the Spirit revealing it, seems foreign or foolish to us. I can’t think of anyone other than God who would create a product that was weak and frail and then command it to say it was strong. Yet God, in His wisdom and righteousness declares; His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. These are His thoughts and ways.  Mr. Reader, I hear you. “Tony, are you saying, God’s perfect manifestation of His strength is only made possible when I am Clark Kent? I’m not comfortable being Clark Kent. Clark is a moron! He’s not desirable and is either, overlooked or looked down on. He’s marginal at best. What a clumsy, average, no talent dweeb.”


We must remember Romans 4:17 that declares, God quickens, or makes alive the dead and calls those things which be not *(yet manifest) as though they were *(already manifest) *emphasis mine


He calls and speaks to the hidden man of the heart who just happens to be a spiritual Superman. You would never know it by looking on the outside, but under that drab suit is a cape and man of spiritual steel, with a giant S on his chest! That’s really how it is between us and God. You’re a supernatural devil fighting hero!
Continued in The Bruised Reed

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